Sullivan And Charles Moves

We Have almost finished moving into our new office in the Schoolhouse Studios.

The Office has great light and heaps of character (read it’s a bit rough at the edges).

But it will be great to back in and a part of a community of diverse and amazing artists.

I got out my painting gear to finish one off the walls. It was great, I forgot how meditative painting can be (although cutting in always sucks!).  Will I painted I listened to some online Yale lectures called “the foundations of Modern Social Theory by Prof. Ivan Szelenyi. The professor is hilarious and makes the lectures engaging and fun.

Here’s some pictures.  There is only my desk in. I hoping no-one else moves in so i can have the space t myself!

81 Rupert St

81 Rupert St

Here it is:
Schoolhouse Studios
81 Rupert St
Collingwood VIC 3066