Tim Sullivan


Harvard Knox Fellow 2011-2013
MArch (RMIT)
Cheung Kong Scholar

Tim is an Designer, Researcher, and Technologist. He is also a father, husband and an extremely obsessive cook. He has studied and practised around the world, in North America, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific.

Tim’s previous career was as a successful Production Manager in the Film Industry, but was often distracted by housing renovation projects. When he realised he was spending (and enjoying) more time renovating than he spent production managing, he decided to make the jump to Architecture. This change from experienced architectural client to Architectural Designer gave Tim unique insights in the practise of architecture and the importance of a solid client relationship.

This unique capability is supplemented by a fair chunk of hands-on construction experience and his experience in the management of the complex logistics of TV commercial productions.

This has allowed Tim to bridge the connection from client to design to construction and back again. Tim has seen and experienced directly many failings in this process and hopes to build his practise around the demonstration of holistic design that considers client, stakeholders, design and construction.

Further to this, academically he has researched the use of emerging technologies like digital fabrication, parametric design, and intuitive interfaces, to make architecture more accessible and hopefully democratise the design process. He believes in making the design and construction process cheaper, faster and more flexible.

His thesis at Harvard Graduate School of Design looked at streamlining the design and construction process to allow for more appropriate consultation, and better housing outcomes in remote Australian Indigenous communities.

He is currently working on some large community development and housing estate projects in Papua New Guinea and high end bespoke residential housing in Melbourne, Sydney and Far North Queensland.

tim and Hendrik

Tim Sullivan (left) and Prof. Hendrik Tieben researching Airflow Through Macau at CUHK in Hong Kong

Tim’s academic achievements:

Harvard Knox Fellow 2011-2013
Harvard Masters Thesis, Parametric Housing in Remote Outback Communities, 2013, 76 pages, Cambridge USA.
First Author, Conference Paper. Parametric Housing in Outback Communities, Timothy Sullivan, 2013 BIM Academic workshop, Jan 2013, Washington DC.
RMIT Masters Thesis. Bridge – Border Bridge between Zhuhai and Macau, 2009, 197 pages, Hong Kong.
Second Author, Conference Paper. Environmental Implications of the Urban Transformation of World Heritage City Macau, Tieben, Sullivan, Han, Jin-yeu. Second UNESCO-ICCROM Asian Academy for Heritage Management Conference, 2009, Macau
Recipient of the 2009 Cheung Kong Scholarship for Exchange to Hong Kong
Exchange, 2009, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Architecture, MArch program


Tim Sullivan presenting his conference paper at the BIM Conference in Washington DC

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