Planter Box Complete

Parametric Planter Box

I’ve been thinking about furniture that would benefit from being parametrised. A lot of my ideas just come from looking around my house and office.

Being an inner city apartment dweller, any balcony space however small begs the opportunity to become a miniature green space.

Unfortunately balconies or even small backyard spaces are always cramped and irregular.

By designing a parametric Planter box,

I can make planter boxes to any size!

They can be any width height and length (as long as they fit on a ply sheet). and when they start getting long, you can insert brackets to keep the sides from bulging out.

What was great was just before i was going start the cut on the CNC mill i slightly adjusted the model, once to add a little more tolerance, as the ply sheets aren’t consistently the same thickness. I also noticed tha if i changed the height from 450mm to 360mm i could fit it all on a smaller offcut sheet. This saved money and didn’t greatly affect the planter. Making changes like this aren’t normally possible, as the drawings would need to be redone to consider these adjustments. With the parametric model it was instantly amended.

Here is a video of the CNC routercutout the profile. The file is sent directly from the software and the CNC router follows the paths set by the file.

Here it is complete. I painted the exposed edges with a black waterproofing compound. I’m not sure it’s needed, but it thought i should try it out. The Plywood uses waterproof glue so should be able to handle the moisture without it. Next prototype i’ll try without it.