Hut Render

MyHut – Parametric hut

MyHut is a Building Design System that hints at the paradigmatic possibilities of Parametric Design.

Hut Render

Hut Render


At first glance it’s design is simple, but that’s required to express the process of the design system.  But under the hood, there is  a complex connection of spreadsheets, computer code, geometric algorithms and financial calculations.





The possibilities of the system become apparent as soon as a user starts to adapt the hut to their unique requirements. They can easily change simple elements of the house, such as width, height and depth. (For a extensive list of parameters scroll to the bottom of the page) They are given in depth feedback in realtime to the consequences of their changes. The 3d model of the hut modifies itself to suit the new requirements. The user can observe and interact with the model, tweaking until they feel it is just right.


Behind the scenes, and in real time, the model is much more than a 3d dimensional representation it models many aspects of the building, for example:

  • Cost, a dollar figure for the cost of materials floats above the model. So when a user expands or shrinks the building they can see the financial consequences.
  • Structural concerns; when the building is changed, studs, rafters and joists are automatically recalculated so that the building meets AS1684.
  • Bill of Materials(BOM) not only does the model calculate cost, it can output lists of materials, their dimensions, and quantities, even a cutting list.
MyHut Inputs

MyHut Inputs

MyHut Outputs

MyHut Outputs

The model can also just as easily be tweaked in many detailed ways. For an example of just a few:

  • Material – the building’s timber can be selected from a automatically-defined list of available timbers that is updated dynamically and is comes directly from suppliers. Cost consequences are instantly visible.
  • Window dimensions – The position width and height of windows and sill can be changed.
  • Window number- The amount of windows can be changed
  • Stair dimensions – dimensions of riser and goings can be updated as well as width
  • Door – door position and size can be adjusted
  • Roof – roof pitch and overhang can be easily changed, roofing materials and truss/rafter quantities update too.
  • Structural members – structural member sizes and centres can be adjusted to optimise the savings between different structural options. This is useful as changing structural dimensions have cost effects beyond the individual member itself.



The myHut model also prepares traditional architectural drawings, Elevations and Plans, although these seem a throw back to the past, The model is an exact 3d representation of the building at 1:1 scale and is much more legible to non – design professionals than antiquated 2d paper drawings.


Here is a full list of parameters available in the myHut parametric house. Adjusting any of these updates the geometry, documentation,  Bill of Materials and cost of the whole house in  realtime.



  • Building Start Position
  • Building Rotation
  • Building Height
  • Stump Height
  • Building Width
  • Building Depth


  • Bearer PFC Flange
  • Bearer PFC Rib
  • Bearer PFC Height
  • Flooring Thickness
  • Floor Vertical Alignment
  • Joist Width
  • JoistDepth
  • Joist Centres


  • Beam PFC Flange
  • BeamPFC Rib
  • Beam PFC Height
  • Roof Sheet Thickness
  • Roof Set Down From Fascia
  • Rafter Width
  • Rafter Depth
  • Rafter Centres
  • Baton Height
  • Ceiling Lining
  • Furring Channel
  • Roof Pitch
  • Roof Overhang


  • Stud Wood Type (select from supplier list i.e. 100 x 48 f14 undressed )

Stud Width
Stud Depth

  • Column Type (Select from Supplier list i.e. 150SHS)

Column Width
Column Depth

  • Double Bottom Plate
  • Double top Plate
  • Double Stud Jambs
  • Double Studs
  • Internal Lining Thickness
  • Stud Centres
  • Noggin Height


  • Window Openings
  • Window Heights
  • Window Sill


  • Window Openings
  • Window Heights
  • Window Sill
  • Door Width
  • Door Setout
  • Door Height


  • Window Openings
  • Window Heights
  • Window Sill


  • Window Openings
  • Window Heights
  • Window Sill


  • Riser
  • Going
  • Width(is connected to door width)


  • Scale
  • Paper Size