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Palmer Street Addition Darlinghurst Sydney



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Located in an extremely dense part of Sydney, Darlinghurst, this project with a width of only 3.7m high seeks to provide a new interface with the rear-lane for a seperate entrance, maximise the footprint, whilst negotiating its taller neighbours, doing this strategically with a small Courtyard Void.Sullivan&Charles Palmer Street_Context Axo_02Sullivan&Charles Palmer Street_Location Plan

Sullivan & Charles_Palmer Street_Elevations_Combined1



Sullivan & Charles_Palmer Street_Plan

Sullivan & Charles_Palmer Street_Plans

Opening up East

Wonga shack opening process

Animated GIFs

A selection of Animated GIF’s that show how the shack opens up and then shuts down.

Opening up North East

Opening up North East

Opening up East

Opening up East

Animated opening from North

Animated opening from North

Animated opening from South East

Animated opening from South East




 Timelapse of opening up the house.


Here Ryan, DJ and I opened up the shack, it took less than 6 minutes.

Tent inside looking out

Rajasthani Tents at Wonga

Here are the tents that we use at Wonga. There are three sleeping tents one pagoda tent and a beach tent for the girls.


The ‘swiss’ sleeping tents are huge, about twice as big as the whole house. They have a large central space that can be divided by a curtain down the centre. There is also a small room at the rear, about 4m x 1.5m which can be used as WIR or if installed an ensuite. There is also a covered verandah area at the front.


The tents are made with treated white canvas, they have an internal dyed cotton lining, inside the main room the walls and ceiling also has a pattern is printed, embedded with embroidered mirrors


The Pagoda tent is about 3m square it has light cotton panels and tassels and an embroidered inner lining. It’ll be used for shading a yoga space or a outside dining table.


The beach tent is for the girls, its small and easy to assemble. It’s made of two pieces the roof and the walls. It’s not supposed to be weather proof but it was still dry inside after some pretty heavy downpours and and some strong winds.

Modelo Model

Here is a parametric structural model I made in grasshopper. I wanted to show an iteration of it my engineer to check we were on the same page. Instead of sending him a dwg, i thought i’d test drive some new tech.

A good friend of mine, Su Qi, who I met as a classmate at Harvard, has been working away at a startup called modelo. It’s an amazing online collaboration tool that allows you to comment and navigate a 3d model in real time simultaneously, with others anywhere around the world. You can see as others navigate and comment as they are typing… it’s instantaneous!!!

The interface is better than Apple simple, and works better than an 8.01 update(sorry apple geek joke). The start up is called Modelo. You should check it out, it’s amazing. It even works on your iPhone!

An awesome additional feature is its ability to embed the model online, like you should be able to see below… if you can’t see it get off IE!!

If anyone would like to try it out, i’ve opened up the model for comments… Leave a comment!


Marli Place Greenhouse

Marli Place Greenhouse

The transformation of a under-utilised storage shed into a functional greenhouse. The form of the old shed was kept as a nod to it’s previous form. Two walls and the roof were removed. One wall was kept, for heritage concerns and to create a shaded thermal mass to equalise the temperature over time.