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Colts AFL Port Moresby

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Colts masterplan Shipping Crate Architecture AFL Papau New Guinea-axonometric-960
A new sports facility for AFL PNG in Port Moresby.

Sullivan and Charles created a masterplan for AFL PNG that works with upcoming South Pacific Games as well as various important stakeholders.

The masterplan include a staged construction plan over four years for administration offices, changing rooms, a club house, stadium seating, a training academy with ancillary residential dormitories, kitchen, dining, and living spaces.

All buildings were to designed from shipping containers that have and will be donated, adapted and reinvigorated to create a dynamic yet cost effective solution for the client.

Kainantu Sports Park Intiative

The Kainantu Sports Park Intiative is an opportunity to create a lasting asset for the Kainantu community.

The design aims to maximise the investment by balancing the economics of the project with the needs of the community. It aims to create an asset for the community that can be used not just for big games, but can be used all year round by everyone in the community.

Long lasting and sturdy materials such as earth embankments, steel and concrete are combined sensibly so the complex is a lasting testament for future generations yet will not feel industrial and dull.
The park acts a beacon for the town, with towering majestic roofs proudly asserting itself to those driving on the Lae-Goroko Hwy. The park will be the first and last thing a driver sees as they head through town on the highway.

The park will become a gateway and destination for visitors to kainantu.

Wonga Birds Eye View

Wonga Beach House v2.0

New bungalow style house based on PNG socio-spatial organisation.

This beachfront house was designed for two extended families to share at the same time. Privacy, community and sharing were all considered to create a unique and intriguing spatial system.

The project is in the final stages of being documented.

<UPDATE> This project has been redesigned due to changed economic considerations.  For the latest design please see Wonga Beach 2.0.