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Wonga Beach Shack Photos





Opening up East

Wonga shack opening process

Animated GIFs

A selection of Animated GIF’s that show how the shack opens up and then shuts down.

Opening up North East

Opening up North East

Opening up East

Opening up East

Animated opening from North

Animated opening from North

Animated opening from South East

Animated opening from South East




 Timelapse of opening up the house.


Here Ryan, DJ and I opened up the shack, it took less than 6 minutes.

Tent inside looking out

Rajasthani Tents at Wonga

Here are the tents that we use at Wonga. There are three sleeping tents one pagoda tent and a beach tent for the girls.


The ‘swiss’ sleeping tents are huge, about twice as big as the whole house. They have a large central space that can be divided by a curtain down the centre. There is also a small room at the rear, about 4m x 1.5m which can be used as WIR or if installed an ensuite. There is also a covered verandah area at the front.


The tents are made with treated white canvas, they have an internal dyed cotton lining, inside the main room the walls and ceiling also has a pattern is printed, embedded with embroidered mirrors


The Pagoda tent is about 3m square it has light cotton panels and tassels and an embroidered inner lining. It’ll be used for shading a yoga space or a outside dining table.


The beach tent is for the girls, its small and easy to assemble. It’s made of two pieces the roof and the walls. It’s not supposed to be weather proof but it was still dry inside after some pretty heavy downpours and and some strong winds.

Henley Square Competition

This competition entry focussed on forging a new coastline for an Adelaide suburban beach, to bring built form in closer proximity to the beach
in order to create greater potential for public activity and commerce to co-exist, and create a sense of enclosure and shade much needed in this
unusually sparce normality, with the intent of breaking the monotonous straight lined beach typology of suburban Adelaide.
The jetty, once a thriving hub of activity, a pool and a new public building, in addition the existing city blocks provide the figure for which the
landscape reacts against.

Sullivan and Charles Architects Henley Square Competition Entry

Node Joint Upside down

Laser Cut Japanese Mortice and Tenon Joints


Curved Joint with Key

Parametric Structure using snap in Japanese mortice and tenon joints


The parts


Video of me assembling structure.


Five way Japanese joint




Complicated nodal joint

Flat Keyed Extension with key

Marli Place Greenhouse

Marli Place Greenhouse

The transformation of a under-utilised storage shed into a functional greenhouse. The form of the old shed was kept as a nod to it’s previous form. Two walls and the roof were removed. One wall was kept, for heritage concerns and to create a shaded thermal mass to equalise the temperature over time.

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Nicholsdale Road Addition Camberwell

130712_Design Development 03.indd A 2 story addition to a bungalow in Camberwell, Melbourne. The new addition is connected to the existing house via a new stair, strategically placed to re-address the carport as the dominant entrance, rather than the street entrance.¬† The exterior is in a contemporary ship-lap weatherboard, providing comment but honesty to the existing weather-board Bungalow.¬† Features a new “wrap” kitchen, with a similar design vocabulary to the exterior. Laundry facilities are re-located to the lower floor, allowing for a new entrance.

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Sample Board-960w-2

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Detail Plan 960

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Plans2 385w Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Plans2 480w Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Plans2 770w

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Lounge 770

130712_Design Development 03.indd


Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Kitchen 960w

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Nicholsdale Road Kitchen 960w




Echigo Tsumari Competition

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Echigo Tsumari-Main

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Echigo Tsumari-2

Sullivan_and_Charles_Architects-Echigo Tsumari-Main

Tokyo Fashion Museum

Tokyo Fashion Museum

Tokyo Fashion Museum